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Reduce your electricity cost by up to 70%

Solar power is already much less per kWh. With State, Federal and Utility incentives we’ve reduced people’s electricity bills from $212 to $71 in the past. What we can do for you depends on your area and sun exposure.

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State / Federal Rebates

By 2030 30% of homes need to be on alternative energy. Currently only 4% across the United States, the federal government is providing a 26% to offset upfront costs for homeowners and also depending on the state you’re in you may be able to get additional state incentives essentially giving you tons of awesome benefits.

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Allow us to negotiate th best terms for you

In some cases you may need your roof redone or a trees cut, which may have a negative effect on your experience if you’re having to pay out of pocket in these situations. That’s why we’re here for you to broker solar deals with top companies. Since we provide our solar dealers with massive business, this allows us to price monthly bills for our clients catering to those situations and still getting them 30% to 50% overall savings on their electric bill all without out of pocket costs.