• Solar Savings

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    Welcome to our solar savings calculator: let's see if solar is right for you!

    Calculator Start Guide:

    • 1. Enter your address or zip code below and click the search icon.
    • 2. Once we determine your state or province, we will display your monthly average electircity bill and your average utility bill rate
    • 3. You will see your yearly saving if you switch to solar and an estimated range of the number of solar panel you will need

    Monthly Electricity Bill (USD)

    Your Uitility Bill Rate $/KWh

    Solar Panel Type

    Yearly Savings

    Number Of Solar Panel

    Annual Electricity Consumption

    Things To Consider

    Roof Condition

    Your roof needs to be in good condition and ideally between 5 to 7 years.

    Sunlight Exposure

    Sufficient exposure to Sunlight. Check your peak hour with this Calculator


    620 or more credit


    Before you consider going solar, you Must be the homeowner.

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